Adults Weighted Blankets
Adults Weighted Blankets
Sleep better, feel calmer and reduce stress with Karmara. Helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Handmade in Europe with Free UK Shipping.
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Kids Weighted Blankets
Helps your child feel secure, calm and comfortable. Naturally helps kids drift off faster and sleep for longer. Ideal for children with ADHD, Autism & Anxiety.
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Weighted Sleep Masks
Weighted Sleep Masks
Like a hug, but for your head. Sink into your best, most restful sleep with our light blocking weighted sleep masks. Relieve stress, migraine & tension.
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We're Karmara. Specialists in Weighted Blankets

Learn How Weighted Blankets Work

How Karmara Brightens Your Day

Feels like a hug

Feels Just Like Hug

Uses Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS); a firm but gentle squeeze that relaxes the nervous system.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Scientifically proven to relieve tension and reduce stress hormones so you can relax peacefully.

Brighten your day

Boosts your Mood

Helps release happy hormones like Serotonin putting you in a happier, calmer mood

Herby Blanket
Cooling Blanket
Karma Comfort
The Karma Comfort product range is made from light, breathable fabric and is designed for hot sleepers and summer nights.
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Karma Snug
Snug & Warm
Karma Snug
The Karma Snug blanket is our warm and cosy weighted blanket. The two sided, removable cover is perfect for summer and winter. In Kids and Adult sizes.
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How Karmara Blankets are Made

Karmara Blankets are handmade with love in Europe using organic, biodegradable materials. Every blanket is made with carefully sewn quilted pockets filled with high quality glass beads. The pockets are evenly spaced apart ensuring the weight of the blanket is gently distributed over your body. 100% machine washable with Free UK Shipping.

Adults weighted blankets
About Karmara
Our Story
Karmara was founded by two best friends who felt that helping others was more important than a normal 9-5.
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The Science
How Weighted Blankets Work
Learn more about the science behind our products and how deep touch pressure therapy makes you feel calmer, happier and less stressed.
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