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My partner’s sleep has been very poor for a very long time. I had run out of ideas on what to suggest. He actually fell into deep sleep whilst giving it a ‘quick test’ and he’s been sleeping a lot better since. Thank you


I love my sleep mask. I use it every night since i've got it. This thing is magical and I can no longer sleep without it. I've had migraine issues for years so I can't thank you enough, this thing really really helps!

Your Ticket to Dreamville

Rest Like Never Before.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better & Easier

Unwind and ease into a deeper sleep.

Perfect For Freezing

Freeze for extra pain relief.
Reduce Migraine

Reduce Migraines & Tension

Relieves headache & migraine.
Reduce stress

Feel Calm & Relaxed

A clearer mind and a relaxed mood.
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light blocking sleep mask

100% Light Blocking

Our weighted sleep masks are designed to contour perfectly to your face and eliminating light.

soft weighted eye mask

Irresistibly Soft & Delicate

Made from high-quality fleece and velvet, our masks are pleasant to the touch and do not irritate sensitive skin.

Sleeping with Weighted Sleep Mask

Elastic & Velcro Free

No need for elastic or annoying velcro, simply use our pull-through slit to keep the mask tight.

Less Stress. Better Sleep.

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