About Karmara

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👋 We’re Dan & Jess, founders of Karmara.

We're best friends who woke up one day and realised helping people was WAY more important than a normal 9 to 5. I know that sounds cliché but it's true.

When you both feel like you're destined to make a difference, working for a flooring company is a little... unfufilling.

So, instead we wanted to combine our experiences with mental & physical health and do something big. Something that could provide relief and support to people who really need it.

We won't go too deep into why we decided to sell weighted blankets because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to hear other people's problems. But trust me, we had them!

We're not going to tell you that a weighted blanket will cure everything, because it won't. But what it will do, is help! Weighted blankets have tonnes of positive side effects and they'll comfort you when you need it most.

There is a lot of incredible scientific research that has gone into weighted blankets, you can read all about it on our how weighted blankets work page (it's very interesting, promise) and will probably leave you wondering why you haven't already bought one.

So, these are our weighted blankets. Handmade with care, 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton. Quilted pockets filled with millions of glass micro beads, 2 different styles and a handful of colours.

We hope you like them just as much as we do.

Want to get in touch? Head to our contact page.

Free UK Shipping

Free Shipping In The UK

Free shipping and hassle free returns to any home in the UK.

Handmade Blanket

Handmade With Love

Karmara blankets are handmade from sustainable materials in Europe.

Evenly Distributed Weight

Evenly Distributed Weight

Made with quilted pockets designed to evenly distribute weight over your body.