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I have chronic insomnia and tried most things to help me sleep. I researched these blankets and decided to try it. I love it, I find the weight comforting and cocooning and now I sleep through the night. It's the best investment in myself that I've made.


My partner’s sleep has been very poor for a very long time. I had run out of ideas on what to suggest. He actually fell into deep sleep whilst giving it a ‘quick test’ and he’s been sleeping a lot better since. I always use his blanket when he is at work to help with my anxiety too.

The Benefits

Say Hello To Calmer Nights

Sleep Better

Sleep better & easier

Unwind and ease into a deeper sleep.
Improved Focus

Reduce chronic pain

Reduce cortisol & boost serotonin.
Relax Easier

Calm down & relax

Recover from stressful situations.
Reduce anxiety

Relieve symptoms of anxiety

Clearer minds and stable moods.
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Something for Everyone.

The Karma Comfort weighted blanket for adults is available in 5 different weights, six designs and two sizes.


Perfect for Hot Sleepers

Karma Comfort Blanket

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Why Adult's Love Karmara

Micro Glass Beads

Karmara weighted blankets use gentle, silent micro glass beads; a more breathable, sensory friendly alternative to the plastic pellets found in most weighted blankets.

Cooling, Organic Materials

Our weighted blankets are made from light, breathable organic cotton. Soft, delicate and pleasing on the skin, you can find a blanket perfect for both hot and cosy sleepers.

Weighted Blanket Diagram

Perfectly Quilted Pockets

Small, tightly sewn quilted pockets carefuly seal hundreds of glass beads in place ensuring a perfectly calming and even pressure stimulation over your entire body.

Machine Washable

Unlike the majority of comptetitor blankets, Karmara blankets are completely machine washable and easy to clean. Our Karma Snug blanket even comes with it's own removable cover!

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Choosing The Correct Weight


135 x 200cm Available in: 4kg,5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg & 12kg

Queen Size

150 x 220cm Available in: 6kg,8kg,10kg, & 12kg

Karmara Blankets can be washed in a home washer. ALWAYS check that your washer can handle this amount of weight before doing so.

Please do not use a dryer as it may damage the fabric. When washing the weighted blanket at 30 ° C, lay the blanket flat to dry.

- Wash at a maximum of 30 ° C

- Wash on a cold gentle cycle

- Do not iron

- Do not tumble dry

- Lay flat to dry

Stains: Oops, it’s best to rinse them out when they occur. If you do find an old stain, run cold water over that spot, rub gently, apply a mild detergent, rinse.

Karmara Weighted Blankets are hand finished to the highest quality and designed for 5-star comfort. Weighted with silent weighted glass beads, our blankets are designed to hug your body perfectly.

A breathable, 100% cotton cover helps circulate air away from your body keeping you at a just-right temperature night after night. All of our weighted blankets and covers are Oeko-Tex certified (free from any harmful chemicals or toxins).

100% Organic Cotton

Biodegradable & Hypoallergenic

We offer free shipping across the UK. At this current moment in time we do not sell outside of the UK.

Every Karmara Weighted Blanket is handmade to perfection once your order is placed, this can take us 3-5 days. Once your order is made, it will be shipped via from the factory in Poland, Europe.

You can expect your order to arrive in 5-7 business days once despatched.

Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays.

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