Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

Are weighted blankets safe during pregnancy?

Are weighted blankets safe to use when pregnant

A quick answer for you is yes! There are no definite risks of using a weighted blanket whilst pregnant but as always, we recommend you speak to your GP if you do have any concerns using a weighted blanket during pregnancy.  Do not worry ladies, you won't have to store your beloved weighted blanket away for 9 months. 

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Why using a weighted blanket whilst pregnant is a good idea

Although a wonderful experience, sometimes pregnancy can be really tough, especially for first timers. You may have a lot of worries on your mind which is perfectly normal, I mean you’re growing a baby in your stomach, how could you not worry? Unfortunately, when you worry you can become very anxious and stressed. Luckily, weighted blankets are a natural aid to help manage your stress and anxiety.

Drape the blanket over your shoulders or snuggle underneath and let the weight distribute evenly over your body. This will mimic the feeling of being held or hugged which encourages the brain to release serotonin, the feel good, happy chemical! The increase in serotonin attacks your stress hormones, bringing your heart rate down and encouraging your body to relax. Which is exactly what you need to do whilst you’re busy creating a new lifeDon’t forget that your body is going through a lot right now and you could do with some extra help to put your mind at ease.  

Any of our weighted blankets are safe to use during pregnancy, this also includes our weighted robe.  

If you’re prone to overheating and getting a little sweaty then we recommend the Karma Switch which is made from 100% breathable organic cotton. This fabric will allow your body heat to travel through the blanket, keeping you cool and comfortable whilst you slip into a good night's sleep.