Karma Pets

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Karma Pets are weighted plush companions that provide calming comfort and relaxation. Handmade with love, they are perfectly weighted with microglass beads, promoting tranquility and sensory stimulation.

Whether you're seeking relief from anxiety, a good night's sleep, or a portable source of comfort, your new huggable friends have got you covered. Perfect for adults, kids, and teens alike.

Nala - 500g x 22cm

Otto - 1kg x 30cm

Atlas - 2kg x 34cm

Made to Order


  • Sensory Friendly
  • Perfectly Weighted
  • Calms Anxiety 
  • Stress Reduction
  • Backed by Science
  • Portable Comfort
  • Promotes Better Sleep


Just like our blankets, we use microglass beads to perfectly distribute weight throughout our weighted stuffed animals. Most weighted teddy bears are unstable and bottom heavy, but Karma Pets are carefully designed to mould around your body and stay in place. Encased in a sensationally soft fur, your weighted pet will provide you with the sense of calmness you deserve.

  • Acrylic Fur
  • Poly-Cotton Lining
  • Microglass Filling


Made With Love

Brightens Your Day

Sleep Better